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Contact: Yanique Bedward
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Ansar Virtual Assistance provides administrative, marketing and personal assistance to entrepreneurs and small businesses in order to help them grow their business and save time/money. Core services include web design, hiring assistance, social media set up, creation of newsletters & company manuals, editing/proofreading. Visit website for more details.

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Tangerine Place Kingston Work Phone: 876 892 -1350/ 876 898 – 6329

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Founded in January 2015, Hisaab Company Limited serves clients throughout Jamaica. Our office is located in Tangerine Place, Kingston and is home to the island’s youngest qualified Accountant. We’re a small firm; however, this is no deterrent for us to support clients of all sizes. We dedicate a partner to each project assigned. We believe it is our personalized accounting services that make the difference.

Our specialties range from clients within the following categories:

  • Real Estate
  • Retail /wholesale
  • Service
  • Manufacturing

Our services include:

  • Accounting Services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll preparation
  • Preparing Financial Statements
  • Budget Preparation
  • Taxation Services
  • General Consumption Tax Filing (GCT)
  • Monthly & Annual Payroll Deduction Filing ( S01 & S02)
  • Asset Tax (At01)
  • Annual Income Tax for Companies (IT02)
  • Annual Income for Individuals (IT01)
  • Estimated Return for Proceeding year (IT07)
  • Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)
  • Audit Services
  • Performing Internal & External Audit
  • Implementing Internal Controls to prevent loopholes
  • Management Consultancy
  • Preparing Business Plans
  • Providing Technical advice geared Financial Management, Growth & Expansion o Registration of Companies
  • Import Permits


We have the ability to manage important projects from our clients simultaneously. Our team has experience specialties in all General Accounting Services. We have the knowledge with all updates for taxation purposes, advising our clients with all the latest ‘need to know’, for the prevention of unnecessary tax penalties. We are able to put together organization-wide reports that clearly show problem areas in need of top accounting intervention.

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Jamaica Foundation for Islamic Charity

P.O. Box 100, Half Way Tree Post Office

Kingston 8, Jamaica

Telephone :

1-876-310-8100/ 1-876-402-4291

Fax : 1-876-908-0328

E-mail Address :

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