Narrated Mu`awiyah: The Messenger of Allah said,

“When Allah wishes good for someone, He bestows upon him the understanding of Deen.”



[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]


In addition to the Food Basket Program, one of the core objectives of the JFIC is “to provide scholarships, grants and stipends” to assist in the development of individuals and thus increase their standard of living.

As such, we are pleased to announce that one of our mentor organizations, the Islamic Online University (IOU) will be offering online Degree Program Scholarships to citizens residing in Jamaica spanning the following areas (click the links for more information on each course):

The scholarship will cover all registration and tuition fees. Textbooks and study materials are all free. You may work and study at the same time. The scholarships are open to Muslims and non-Muslims.


Applicants seeking to apply for IOU Scholarships should:


Applicants will need to provide the following:

  • Two (2) Passport-sized pictures of applicants
  • Copy of National Id / Passport / Driver’s License
  • Letter of Recommendation from an Imam/Minister of Religion or Justice of Peace (form available on the website)
  • Copy of High School Certificate and any external examination results

Successful candidates will be contacted immediately to schedule interviews once all the requirements of eligibility are met. They will be distributed on a first come first served basis

The number of Scholarships are limited and cannot be reserved.

Should you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sisters: 402-4291/312-3189

Brothers – 846-5968/428-6872

Online Studies – How does it work?

To learn more about studying online at the Islamic Online University, please click here. To see answers to frequently asked questions, click here.


Disclaimer: The Jamaica Foundation for Islamic Charity is not obliged to accept all applicants.

Scholarships may be discontinued at the discretion of the Award Board for:

  • failure to maintain passing grades
  • bad character
  • misbehaviour

Jamaica Foundation for Islamic Charity

P.O. Box 100, Half Way Tree Post Office

Kingston 8, Jamaica

Telephone :

1-876-310-8100/ 1-876-402-4291

Fax : 1-876-908-0328

E-mail Address :

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