Narrated Ka'b bin Ujrah: The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“Salat is clear proof, and Sawm (fasting) is an impregnable shield, and Sadaqah (charity) extinguishes sins just as water extinguishes fire”

[Jami` at-Tirmidhi (614)]

Packaging Day (In Pictures)

Preparing of the food packages usually takes place on Saturday’s from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm. The time varies due to the number of volunteers present and the number of food baskets to be prepared.

We welcome anyone who is interested in volunteering. To learn more about how exactly you can contribute, click here.

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Our exciting day is as follows…

1. Shopping/Collecting Donations

All food items used are primarily funded by donations. At times, the food donations are insufficient so shopping has to be done to purchase the remaining items. Note: at times, there are insufficient funds and as such, we buy what we can.

2. Weighing/Measuring

Grains – flour, rice, sugar, beans, cornmeal – are usually purchased in bulk and measured accordingly. In addition, the oil is also measured.

3. Building Boxes

We use cardboard boxes to package and distribute the food items. Sometimes, companies donate their used boxes or we get them at the grocery store. Alhamdulillah, several of the JFIC beneficiaries return their boxes to be recycled.

4. Packing the Boxes

We issue 3 types of Food Baskets because some items will not be issued every 2 weeks – such as toothpaste. Volunteers pack the boxes accordingly and other volunteers “double-check” to ensure no errors were made.

5. Sealing and labelling

Once the necessary checks are made, the boxes are sealed and labeled accordingly with the JFIC Membership Number and address.

6. Transportation

Currently, all food baskets are taken to Central Masjid where they are collected by the beneficiaries and also where the out of town  Masajid make arrangements to collect same.

7. Pick-up

Pick up is done by Beneficiaries directly or packages are transported to other masajid.

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