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**Statistics as at 26th April 2021 (Tranche 181)


Covid 19 made 2020 an unforgettable year for JFIC, like everywhere else in the world. It has, and continues to have a severe impact on the Jamaican economy, our donors, volunteers and beneficiaries.  As tourism is the major foreign exchange earner for Jamaica, the worldwide travel restrictions has had a devastating effect on our tourism industry and by extension the communities that rely on this industry for sustenance.

At the JFIC, we observed an increase in the number of applications to the Food Basket Program across Jamaica. Conversely, there was a decrease in donations as our donors were also negatively impacted by the overall reduction in revenue.

To assist with our rapidly depleting funds, Masjid-ar-Rahman, in Spanish Town held a BBQ Fundraiser on November 7th 2020 to assist ethe JFIC. Al hamdulillah, the response across the island was very good leading to a total of $400,344.16 being raised to assist the programme.

A total of 862 food baskets were distributed to 14 Masajid throughout the island in the 2020 financial year. This does not include food items donated to random persons who reached out to, and were assisted by, the JFIC over the same period.  The Food Distribution Report for 2020 can be seen in the table to the right.

For Ramadan 2020, the customary disbursement of Dates were distributed island wide to all Masajid. However, with the restrictions in place regarding social gatherings, no iftar programs were held.

The Sisters Only Arabic Workshop was launched in March 2019 held it’s last class in March 2020 the day before the first reported case of COVID-19. Al hamdulillah, a number of sisters utilized the downtime to continue their studies online and as such, has reach significant milestones in their Arabic studies.

By Allah's permission the Jamaica Foundation for Islamic Charity thrived throughout the pandemic against all odds, and was able to continue disbursements fortnightly in spite of numerous restrictions. Again, none of the above would have been possible without the blessings of Allah and the steady support of our donors, and the efforts of our directors and volunteers.

We are truly grateful for, and humbled by, the trust placed in us, as together we look forward to another year of serving Jamaica in Sha Allah (God willing).



1,770 bars Blue Soap
1,769 lbs Cornmeal
4,434 lbs Flour
888 pks. Macaroni
1,788 tins Mackerel
1,721 boxes Matches
1,809 sachets Milk Powder
868 bottles Oil
868 bars Protex
883 lbs Red Beans
4,494 lbs Rice
169 packs Salt
1,790 tins Sardines
1,775 lbs Sugar
8,710 sachets Teabag
1,219 rolls Toilet Paper
168 pcs Toothbrush
590 tubes Toothpaste
1,779 tins Tuna


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